My PLE(Personal Learning Environment):Resource of learning English

How to spend time properly on learning English is becoming increasingly important to ESOL students for future language study. ESOL students now value resources highly because it helps them save a lot of time and learn English effectively. These resources I chose for learning English can be listed as follows:

First, listening. VOA( )is a famous website for most of American. For adult second language learners, if you wish to improve your spoken English and listening, then you will benefit a lot from Special English Home( in VOA. There are many reports and audio files you can download. Besides, ESOL students can develop their pronunciation effectively. These reasons account for why I chose this resource. I will continue to use it for developing listening.

Second, speaking. “talk English”( is a good website for learning spoken English. there are a lot of speaking English lessons online. I love this website for I will be able to speak English in many different situations after learning form it. This site will give me the foundation I need to communicate effectively in English. So do ESOL students. I will spend more time on learning speaking in this good site.

Third,reading. Reading plays an important role in learning English. “NPR”( provide for many reading for reader. There are news, arts&life, music, and programs. Informations in this website would be updated everyday. These causes led to my reason why I chose this resource. I will grasp this valuable opportunity of learning English.

Fourth, writing. I chose “perfect your English “( because there are guides to punctuation, quotation, writing tips, paragraph writing, essay writing etc. It is high time to offer me some guidance in learning different types of writing. I will spend one week on learning one kind of writing. In this way, I hope it would help me to improve my writing.

Fifth, vocabulary. “”( is a good website for students to learn new words. Furthermore, students can find some vocabulary resources, play word games, explore language. I am interested in “Vocabulary Lists” that search thousands of lists of vocabulary by subject area. It is effective way to learn words. I will spare no effort to learn words in the site.

Sixth, grammar. I recommend “Grammar Topics”( The reasons why I chose it are there are a lot of notes and examples for different grammar points and it would be easy and clear to understand in the website. For developing English, it is essential to have good command of grammar. I will learn and practice grammar in this website as possible as I can.


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Essay3: Variation

Based on the Pakenham’s argument, between group variation and variation within the individual are two main kinds of language variation.
Comparing this new information and what I knew before, I hold the same viewpoint about it. It is well known that languages differ from region to region and person t5o person because of different groups, regions, gender, work positions etc. Firstly, language would be varied because of group variation. In China, there are fifty-six different ethnic groups and I belong to “Han”. As for as I know, every ethnic groups have its own language. Like people of “Han” can speak Cantonese and Mandarin. Furthermore, compared to people who live in the south of China, northern people always speak Chinese with a heavy accent. As a Chinese word”才”, southern people say “cai”. But northern people prefer to say “zai”. In Hawaii, I am an ESOL student. There are a lot of differences between local native speaker who take English as their first language and ESOL learner referring to accent, pronunciation. For example, some ESOL students say the word “farm” in [fa:]. They do not pronounce [rm]. But local speaker would like to say it correctly in a low but heavy accent. Secondly, variation within the individual causes language variation. For setting, people get different jobs in society and may speak differently. I work for a store as a servicer. Usually, I use English with customers. But when I get to school, I will talk to my classmates or friends freely and widely. Language is also related to different gender and age. Men in China prefer to use more slang than women. For my future English language learning, I hope I can learn more English in different situations and conversations. I will try to find different jobs and practice my spoken English. Moreover, I will make some friends and talk to them in English as much as I can. Then I can listen to speakers who speak English with different accents. I think it would be helpful to deal with the variation of English.
(Words 356)

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Develop our reading and listening

Listening and reading are important parts of learning English. It would be helpful that ESOL students read and listen more news, arts and life. Here is a good website to learn. The website name is “NPR”( In the website, news would be updated everyday. What is more, there is “NPC hourly news summary”. Learner would listen news clearly in this program.

I read and listened news a couple days ago. Before I listened the story, I read the article two times. Hence, when I was listening, I knew exactly what they talking about. It would be better if I used headphone.

I think students should learn more about informations about life or news. Student should get to adapt to new environment. It is good way to read and listen some experiences about life, not only school stuff. I think this is a good website for ESOL students to learn English. They can benefit from it.

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Essay 2: Phonology

Based on Pakenham’s argument, children develop their phonology systematically. Before children have developed a phonology system which is similar to an adult’s, they communicate with other people by using patterns of substitution and simplification.
Pakenham’s argument is new to me. I had no idea that children develop their systematic phonology in this way. Comparing this new information with what I knew before, I think my phonological development is quite random. Because it was random to develop my phonology in English when I was a student in my country that English is not the first language. In this case, I did not need to speak English to communicate with others. Hence, there was no passion for me to build up my phonological system. What’ more, teachers preferred to teach students vocabulary and grammar from textbook rather than phonology. They did not teach students how to speak English well. Consequently, for my phonological development, I learned and remembered the word syllable by syllable at first. Then read the textbook in English. It was random to build up my phonological system in this way. So my phonological development is totally different from Michael’s. Pronunciation practice is rare in my country school. I did not have enough valuable opportunities to speak English. It is hard to develop phonological system. I missed the important period to develop phonology when I came to Hawaii. Pakenham’s argument will affect my language learning in the future. I know my phonology is poor and I will spend more time in developing my phonology. After reading some articles, I will listen carefully to native speaker to correct my pronunciation. Then I try to speak to myself loudly in their way. I think I will develop my phonology successfully step by step in this way.
(Words 306)

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“Elllo” ( an interesting website for English listening.

This is free site with hundreds of stories, news, conversations and other informations for ESL learners to practice listening and speaking. It is focus on listening. The mp3 files and text on elllo are Creative Commons. Listening activities come with transcripts, quizzes etc. Activities in “Elllo” include multimedia, free MP3 files, vocabulary tasks, language notes and more. You can watch lessons with subtitles. You do not need any special equipment to use this website. But it would be better to use headphone to listen clearly.

“News” is my favorite part in “Elllo”. For me, I can learn English and develop test taking skills with short newscasts! There are audio I can listen and text I can read. What is more, I can take standardized listening tests after I finish listening. It is good resource for me to develop my listening.

I think it is good website for ESOL student. We can benefit a lot from it. While we learn academic English, We are developing our listening and talking skills. I will try other points and practice more in this website.

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Listen to English

I found a English website that is helpful for second language learner. Here is “Listen to English”( I was interested in “Podcasts”( It is focus on listening and pronunciation. Usually, you can listen article online by using headphones. Just click the button like this
. It is showed after podcast posting. What is more, if you meet any difficult new words,there is a “Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dictionary” at the top left of each podcast webpage. So it would be more convenient for you. By the way, there are two podcasts every week, in clearly spoken English. So great!
I learned the new one this week. I read the article firstly and looked up the meanings of words that I did not understand in a dictionary. After that, then close eyes and listen! It is read by man slow and clear voice. Have fun!
Listen to English, learn English! The podcast website for people learning English. It is good place to learn. I will spend more time in listening from this website every week. The podcasts on this site will help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation and your listening skills.

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Phonology for adult second language learner(Essay 1)

According to Pakenham’ argument, one can not deny the fact that adult second language learners can achieve native speaker levels in vocabulary and grammar if they have to spare no effort to learn. However, it is very hard for them to get native speaker levels in phonology.
I was surprise for this new information. What I knew before is that my phonology in English was very weak , then I should spend more time in practice to improve so that I would speak with good accent as most American man do in the future. I was disappointed with this new. It is a bad new for me,totally. Because I really want to have a good phonology in my life. In the new and competitive society, it is important to have a good command of phonology. It would be helpful for me to communicate with the people outside. Then I understand what they talk about and infer the meaning they do not said directly. I would like to adapt myself to this new society quickly. I wish I can communicate directly with others by speaking English fluently in good accent then I can make a lot of new friends and get much informations I want to know. For my future, although I was very disappointed with the bad new, I will not give up learning. I try my best to improve my phonology for I am still in the beginner stage for learning English. I have a long way to learn, practice and correct my phonology. Day after day, my phonology will improve a lot. From now on, I think the most critical thing in phonology for me is listening and imitation. I will imitate to speak out after listening. I will go to some web-site foe English learner, read along and listen to the audio report then speak loudly to myself in their accent. I will talk to my new friends with English often. Anyways, even though I was disappointed with Pakenham’ argument , I will try every means possible to improve my phonology.

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